In the age of wearing a mask everywhere we go I have had to try out several different types. I am an accidental collector of things. That's because I am forgetful and I am good at losing things. So I now have my own and used the most popular types of masks you see out and about. And without question, some masks are more comfortable than others.

If you plan to freak out and argue about this, quit reading now. Seriously. I am a strong supporter of wearing a mask to be a good neighbor and am approaching this from the perspective of what, I anecdotally believe, most people are thinking about when they are wearing a mask.

I am also not an expert in, nor do I care to Google around (not research, that's what scientists and historians do) to figure out what the greatest type of fabric is for a facial covering. So if anyone wants to challenge me on that I will forfeit because I don't know and don't care which is scientifically "best" because on some level it is still subjective if "best" means "can't effing breathe."

My rankings are also for me and your mileage may vary. Particularly because I have a big-ass head. I mostly have to wear fitted hats (size 7 3/4) to fit properly because "one size fits most" is excluding me from "most." The straps on some masks get stretched to their limit.

The CDC does have a guide to help you pick a mask that's more medically minded. So here is my ranking of the most comfortable types of masks to wear from least to most comfortable.

Most Comfortable COVID Masks

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