If you want to make the big bucks in Sioux Falls, you'll want to narrow your focus to one of a select few industries, which all pay an average salary ranging anywhere from $133,000 to $280,000.

Stacker, using the latest information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, has ranked the top ten paying jobs in South Dakota's largest city, where the annual mean wage is $49,370 or 15.3% lower than the national mean of $58,260.

Not surprisingly, with our strong presence in the health care industry, three of the top five paying jobs in town are in the medical/dental field.

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  1. Chief executives - $280,220
    Number of positions in Sioux Falls: 210
  2. Nurse anesthetists - $189,470
    Number of positions in Sioux Falls: 200
  3. Family medicine physicians - $170,600
    Number of positions in Sioux Falls: 180
  4. Architectural and engineering managers - $156,950
    Number of positions in Sioux Falls: 60
  5. Dentists, general - $155,260
    Number of positions in Sioux Falls: 90
  6. Financial managers - $154,020
    Number of positions in Sioux Falls: 370
  7. Computer and information systems managers - $151,380
    Number of positions in Sioux Falls: 130
  8. Personal financial advisors - $147,130
    Number of positions in Sioux Falls: 170
  9. General and operations managers - $139,230
    Number of positions in Sioux Falls: 1,310
  10. Marketing managers - $133,790
    Number of positions in Sioux Falls: 40

Three of those occupations are just among the highest paying in Sioux Falls, they are among the best compensated in the nation.

Financial Managers in Sioux Falls are the ninth highest paid in the U.S., while CEOs are number ten and General and Operations Managers are 13th nationally.

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