The super fight of 2017 is quickly approaching. Here are all the places that you can catch the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor fight in Sioux Falls.

Some sports bars around Sioux Falls will be showing the event this weekend. However, be warned, this isn't a standard UFC pay-per-view where you can just walk in, grab a spot, and see the fight. Most places around Sioux Falls will require a reservation and ticket purchase. Only one bar in town is not charging a cover. No matter the case, it is highly advised that you arrive early.

Here are the local bars that will be showing the fight, and the cost to see it.

  • Barrel House: $20/ticket and must be purchased online. No reservations being accepted. Any tickets that are left will be sold at the door for $25. Limited capacity.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings (both Sioux Falls locations): $20 per seat and must reserve a table. Contact Buffalo Wild Wings location for reservations (605-334-2711 West, 605-274-2382 Louise).
  • Cheap Shots: $15 cover charge at the door. No reservations being taken.
  • Krav'N: $20/ticket in advance, $25 at the door. Prelims begin at 6:00 and advised to get there early.
  • Liebrary Bar: No cover charge. No reservations. Show up early and get a table.
  • Poppadox Pub: $25/ticket and price includes one free drink during the fight. Ticket available for purchase at their location (2808 S. Minnesota Ave). Limited capacity.

Both Century Theaters locations in Sioux Falls will also be showing the fight on Saturday night. Tickets are $43 and can be purchased online.

The only other option available is to enjoy the pay-per-view from the comfort of your own home. The pay-per-view price is $99.99.




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