Full disclosure, I did not actually see this newscast live. I saw someone else post a picture from the CBS Evening News where a woman was reporting from Sioux Falls, IA. Um, what?

They were doing a story about the winter storm affecting Thanksgiving travel. I re-posted the picture and it kind of blew up.

Those of us from Sioux City or Sioux Falls know that this happens from time to time. Sometimes even at concerts a band or singer will yell out the wrong city. It happens.

But then the plot thickened when a guy I went to high school with commented that he saw the news report and they weren't even in Sioux City, they were in Sergeant Bluff, IA. Which is where we went to high school.

So it was even more wrong! It was wrong on so many levels!

In CBS' defense, the Sioux City Airport is basically in Sergeant Bluff so they probably just got off the plane and figured they were in Sioux City. They weren't.

I know it's Sergeant Bluff in the live shot because you can clearly see Eddie's Tavern in the background. And Sergeant Bluff doesn't have that many bars. And I know my bars.😉

Better luck next time, CBS.


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