Why do you live where it gets so cold? It's a question anyone whose lived in the Midwest is usually asked by an outsider at least a few times in life.

It is also the question most of us ask ourselves every January, February and March. Then the winter passes and we forget about the misery until the next winter and repeat the same question mid February.

There are some years like this year that make us all second guess our decision to live in a place where the wind hurts your face, and the elements can cause so much damage. The cabin fever has a way of creeping in on and wearing on a person every season as well.

Thrill List put together a list ranking states based on how miserable their winters are.

My home state dropped in at number 6 on the Thrill List:

6. South Dakota

Your average high temperature during the winter months is four degrees higher than North Dakota's. You are the champion of the Dakotas. Claim your slightly less misery-bound throne!!!

To see the entire Thrill List story and all state rankings click here.

There is no perfect weather in any state, and there are always going to be reasons to make us decide it's worth the sometimes miserable months to make it our home.

But right now I could go for moving to some state that came in number 49 or 50 on this list.

Sources: Thrill List

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