Let's face it, kids get into trouble. Whether it be getting into fights at school our getting caught with drugs.

A recently study broke down which states have the most school related arrests and where South Dakota ranks is shocking!

South Dakota came in at #11 in the country for High School Arrests. The data shows:

  • Average number of Students arrested per 10K students enrolled: 19.5
  • Number of students arrested across all school types: 256
  • Number of students enrolled in public school: 130,818

MSN.com says StartClass, an education data site by Graphiq, used the most recent Civil Rights Data Collection information from the Department of Education to rank the states (plus Washington, D.C.) based on the rate of school-related arrests among students enrolled in public schools.

The data reflects arrests made during the 2013-14 school year (the most recent available). Nine states reported more than 25 school-related arrests per 10,000 enrolled students that year, including one state that averaged over 70 arrests per 10,000 students.

Source: msn.com

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