Where did all the collector cups go? The best part of summer blockbuster season was finding which restaurant had the best cup selection. And the real fancy Glass collector cups were the height of fast food luxury. Let’s go wayback and see some highlights!

  • Pacman Glasses

    This Pacman glass from Arby's was my favorite glass as a kid. It came out at the height of Pac-Mania in the 80's.

  • Batman Forever Glasses

    In 1995 McDonald's sold these 'chiseled glass' Batman collector's items. The Riddler! Two Face! Batman! Only 99 cents. I sure there were plenty of ironic college drinking games using these glasses.

  • Batman Returns at McDonald's

    Batman and McD's had a long relationship in the 90s. Before the glasses they had the plastic collector cups. There even came with a Bat-Disc lid. So you can fight off the lidless evil of the world...I guess.

  • Taco Bell and Start Trek 3

    In 1984 taco Bell put the needs of the many before the need of the few, or the one, and sold collector glasses based on Star Trek III: the Search For Spock. Unfortunately they were too small for the whales. Oh wait, that's the next movie.

  • Burger King Loved Star Wars

    Burger King hitched their collector glasses bandwagon to the Star Wars bandwagon making a train of bandwagons that traveled from town to town spreading the news about Midi-chlorians and trade disputes and the the lie that Greedo shot first. OK none of that happened. Except the part about Burger king having Star Trek Collector Glasses.

  • Hey Don't Forget Your Lando Glass From BK

    "He's a card player, gambler, scoundrel. You'd like him."

  • And Return Of the Jedi Glasses.

    Jabba or the Ewoks I can't decide!

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