After a marathon 22 episodes, Riverdale's second season will finally come to a close on Wednesday night (May 16), putting a temporary pause on the crime-ridden world of the mega-popular teen soap.

But while Season 2 certainly covered a lot of ground — Betty's dad is a serial killer! Her long lost brother turned out to be a creepy imposter! Archie and Veronica are now high school mobsters! — there are plenty of loose ends still left to untangle, and viewers may already be looking ahead to the ratings knockout's next run. So, when does Riverdale return for Season 3?

An official premiere date has yet to be set, but the show was renewed for Season 3 in April, so there's no ambiguity about whether or not it will come back. Based on its past trajectory, it could return as early as October — when Season 2 premiered — or a little later, in January, when the series first debuted. Either way, it shouldn't be a terribly long wait.

As far as what to expect, details remain sparse, but it's safe bet that Archie and Hiram's newly ignited feud will play a central part. Vanessa Morgan (Toni Topaz) and Charles Melton, who replaced Ross Butler as Reggie, have also been upped to series regulars, so they should be receiving expanded storylines, too.

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for an official word from the CW.

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