One of my favorite things to do is go out for breakfast/brunch. Sioux Falls has so many amazing restaurants that among my friends we started a Brunch Tour of Sioux Falls.

So, when I was in Omaha, I had to get a sample of what they had to offer for breakfast/brunch.

We went to Wheatfield's. It is a bakery/restaurant and it was amazing.

When you first walk in, you can't help but to notice all the fresh baked goodies everywhere! The bakery is huge!

We were seated in the covered patio. It was interesting being out there because it was a rainy morning and you could hear the rain more out there.

The menu is huge! They serve breakfast all day and the menu has over 145 items!

I shared a breakfast with my mom that consisted of two of ever breakfast item basically. Of course, I had to make the pancakes of the chocolate chip variety. So good.

I didn't get a picture of our meals because I started eating it too fast.

But check out all the pastries and baked goods. I tried to be good so I only bought a pumpkin chip cookie to take home. It was scrumptious.

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