Now that everyone has had some turkey with gravy and mashed potatoes, the Christmas season can officially begin! Bring on the Christmas music, cookies, lights, and more importantly, the Christmas feast!

Probably some of my most favorite family memories are sitting together at the dinner table over the holidays.  We always have plenty of laughs and a table full of our favorite foods and delectable desserts.  Even though some families are not entirely sure if they will spend this year’s Christmas holiday together, one thing is certain....there will be Christmas, and people will find a way to share a meal with their loved ones.


In my two years of living in the Mount Rushmore state, it has become abundantly evident to me South Dakotans always make time for family, loved ones, and supper. This is especially true around the holidays.


Spoon University was curious about the top Christmas meal in each state.  They recognize that holiday traditions are different around the globe including here in the United States.  Some Christmas meals reflect a person's family history and/or traditions.

So what is South Dakota serving up this year for Christmas dinner?  Based on Spoon University's findings, the most popular Christmas meal in South Dakota is...ham! It's the classic edible centerpiece on almost every table on Christmas Day.

Our neighbors around the Sioux Empire have tasty dishes on Christmas as well!

Minnesota: Christmas Cookies

Iowa: Sliders (Apparently, Iowans loved their BBQ pulled pork prime rib sliders on Christmas!)

Nebraska: Mashed Potatoes

Wisconsin: Tom and Jerry (It's the "re-envisioned" eggnog.)

Illinois: Hot Chocolate

What are you serving on Christmas Day?  Turkey? Ham?

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