The tax policy research organization The Tax Foundation ran the numbers to find out how much $100 is worth in each state. Or, as they say, "the real value of $100 in each state." Meaning, what a dollar is worth in comparison to a state's cost of living.

Prices for the same goods are often much cheaper in states like Missouri or Ohio than they are in states like New York or California. As a result, the same amount of cash can buy you comparatively more in a low-price state than in a high-price state...For example, Ohio is a low-price state. There, $100 will buy you goods that would cost $112.11 in a state at the national average price level.

According to 2015 numbers ( the latest available) they showed that in South Dakota $100 is worth $113.38. The fourth highest in the nation.

In the states around South Dakota:

  • Minnesota: $102.67
  • Nebraska: $110.38
  • Iowa: $110.74
  • North Dakota: $108.34

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