You hear 'Baby Got Back' by Sir Mix-a-Lot on the radio, in karaoke bars, at wedding dances, and just about every place else music is played.

The song is celebrating it's 25th Anniversary this year.  So whatever happened to Sir Mix-a-Lot?

Sir Mix-a-Lot was born Anthony Ray on August 12th of 1963 in Seattle Washington. He had his first hit with 'Posse on Broadway' in 1987.

Sir Mix-a-Lot, released the hit 'Baby Got Back' in 1992. The single topped the Billboard charts for weeks. It went double platinum, won a Grammy award for 'Best Rap Solo Performance and made Sir Mix-a-Lot an estimated $100 million dollars.

"Baby Got Back" was one of the first music videos to get banned by MTV for the way it prominently featuring the female backside. MTV relegated the music video to late-night viewing.

Amylia Dorsey was Sir Mix-a-Lot's shapely girlfriend at the time “Baby Got Back” was written and did the “Oh my gawd, Becky” intro and helped him write the song. They were together for eight or nine years.

He once said of his fame: “I never envisioned being number one for five weeks, knocking Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men off the charts. That's the scariest thing and the greatest thing that ever happened to me.”

Sir Mix-a-Lot currently is doing limited performances and tour dates. According to the urban dictionary the meaning of the phrase 'baby got back' is a reference to a girl with a big butt. I can not lie.

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