I have a view of the parking lot from my work window. It is a human aquarium view of people making the trek from their cars to the office.

As I watch the humans and their behaviors I've noticed the way we dress, walk, and scrape our windows varies. I decided to make this fun frozen edition of the Myers Briggs personality test based off of an individuals windshield scraping style.

The Drift Driver: This is the person you see driving down the street and can't tell if it's a vehicle or a drift driving. The hood, the roof the, the headlights, taillights, and trunk are all covered in snow. The only snow cleared off of their car is what their windshield wipers clear. This person more than likely over uses the snooze button and is often ten to fifteen minutes late for everything in life. They crawl through intersections at a snails pace, and if you can see inside their car they look like they are driving a snow fort. Your lazy and you know it clap your hands.

The Remote Start Renegade: Also known as The Princess of the Powder. There is no snowfall to big for your gas budget. The minute your car switches off from the remote start feature, you hit again, and again, and again. You would run out of gas before you would run outside to scrape the snow off your vehicle. Before remote start was invented you made your significant other start it for you 45 minutes to three hours before you had to go anywhere. You are a good person at heart, but you act like winter is a bigger inconvenience on you than anyone else princess.

The Snow Coner: Not as lazy as The Drift Diver, but you are a close second. This person uses their windshield  washer fluid to do the heavy lifting. Usually around ten to 20 sprays to get through the layer of snow, and then melt any remaining ice. You can tell the Snow Coner by the remaining colored snow around the windshield. It looks like a blue or pink snow cone from the fluid being blasted everywhere. There are also usually scratches on their window from CD cases and Kombucha bottles they used as a make shift scraper. You are an innovative procrastinator with a dash of doing just enough to get by.

The Flipper Upper: The Windshield Wiper Flipper Upper is the planner and professor of winter windshield detail. You have your snow pants laid out the night before so you can snow blow to the glow of your headlights at 5:00 am. This style of flipping out the windshield wipers up and out before the snow falls is brilliant, your seven foot extendo scraper with multi blades and brushes are impressive. No one is impressed with you snow blowing before the sun is up. No one. Your wit and skill set is envied by many, but at times your perfectionism tends to ruffle a few frozen feathers.

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