I've said it before and I'll say it again- -I love personality quizzes. Right or wrong, I love taking them, just to see what the results might be. This particular quiz came pretty close to describing parts of my personality in a few categories.

The problem with this quiz was that some of the questions (in my opinion) should have had a "none of the above" choice. I spent some time looking at the four choices offered for a large number of the questions and then just arbitrarily picked one. It was sort of like guessing on the SATs, but with a lot less at stake!

So give it a go. Maybe you'll find this has more relevance to you than I did. In any case, I always wonder what the psychology behind the questions is. But, maybe there isn't any. Maybe, as Ben likes to say- - "It's all a major conspiracy, backed by the giant Quiz Cartel!"

Music quiz

Source: Entertainment CheatSheet

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