Two weeks after Christmas it's probably time to move that Christmas tree out of the house. It seems like only yesterday that it was so lovingly adorned with ornaments but the time has come to kick it to the curb.

Of course, you could load it up in the pickup and bring it to one of the drop-off sites in Sioux Falls, or it could be put to good use. Here are three fun tips:

1.) Firepit. As shown above, our old Christmas tree (a Douglas Fir) is ready to be stripped and used as tinder for a few winter firepit nights. The branches are dry and make a great firestarter.

2.) Make Coasters. I love this one and I have to thank This Old House for the excellent tip. Once the branches are removed, saw the trunk in one-inch slabs. Sand them down until smooth and coat with polyurethane. Place them on your tables to use as coasters. When guests are over they'll marvel at them and you've got a great story.

3.) Use the needles and twigs as mulch for your garden. They'll keep the soil from frost damage and you'll have a healthier garden in the spring.

Of course, you can also use the Sioux Falls tree drop-off sites free of charge. They do ask however, you remove the ornaments first. They are located on the east side on Chamber Street and on the west side on North Lyons Boulevard by the fairgrounds.

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