The Christmas season is filled with parties and get-togethers. These festivities often include imbibing a drink or two. But what time do most people pop the cork on a holiday?

A survey by American Addiction Centers found that depending on what state you are in, the average time to start boozing it up can vary wildly.

The average start time to drink nationwide is 2:42 pm. The state where people start throwing them back the earliest is Alaska. They get going during the lunch hour, 12:30 pm. The state where they start the latest is also not one of the lower 48 states. Hawaii starts drinking at 4:11 pm. Probably because they don't get bored staying inside all day.

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For a state with a strong amount of recreational winter boozing, South Dakota starts holiday boozing surprisingly late in the day. In the 605, we start popping tops at 3:02 pm, twenty minutes later than the national average. However, 25 percent of South Dakotans admit that they start the party before lunch.

Off to the east, folks in Minnesota like to start their party a little sooner, at 2:33 pm. But only 17 percent will start before noon.

In Iowa, drinkers are less reserved on average and a bit more consistent with their start. The average holiday drinking start is well earlier than its neighbors, 1:28 pm, and 23 percent get started in the AM.

Nebraska, starts their drinking at 2:19 pm, a little sooner than Minnesota, but almost an hour after Iowa is already half in the bag. And just 15 percent of Cornhuskers get started in the morning.


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