As the Powerball Jackpot once again got super big as it grew to over $600 million this week, many people flocked to their local grocery stores and gas stations to purchase tickets.

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One question I found myself asking as I tried to purchase some last-minute Powerball tickets was, "How late can you buy Powerball tickets before the drawing?"

In the state of South Dakota, all Powerball tickets must be purchased by 9 PM central time, and for those on the west side of the state, 8 PM mountain time.

Unfortunately for those in South Dakota, the Wednesday night Powerball drawing had two winners hailing from the states of California and Wisconsin.

But as many people who play the lottery say, there is always a next time.

Tuesday's $632.6 million jackpot was the seventh-largest in US history.

For more information on the Powerball lottery, recent numbers, and odds of winning, you can visit their website.

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