If there ever was a place for an OMG followed up with an eye-roll, it's here. But, you have to give this guy props for coming up with what could, and I emphasize could be a million-dollar invention.

Fast food lovers, let me introduce you to BAGO, the fast-food seatbelt.

Right off, the first person I thought of was a coworker, who lives on fast food. But then I reeled that thought back because by the time he leaves the drive-thru the bag is half empty.

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Dan Stevenson is the brainchild behind this gadget.

Can you imagine never spilling your food again? Or not having stains on your car seats. No more hurried trips home and having to slam on your brakes while your fries fly on the floor. No more precious bottles of bourbon clanging together and shattering.

Check out how Bago works in this video.

According to Talker.com, the inventor also believes it will improve road safety.

This fancy strap is made from real seat belt material and has a metal clamp that grips your bags.

Of all the fancy gizmos you've purchased over the years, this may be your next one.


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