Forbes Magazine just came out with its list of the Best Value Colleges in America. So I go and see which South Dakota schools made the list - only find NONE! Give me a break Forbes! You want me to believe there are no value-worthy schools in our state?

The first thing I did when I went to the website was rank the colleges by state. So, after scrolling all the way down to the "S's", expecting something to show up right after the state of South Carolina - I see nothing. It jumps right to Tennessee.

You can't be serious. You're telling me after doing all your intensive research, you can't find one South Dakota college that qualifies as being "value-worthy"? I don't believe it for a minute. I just don't think you looked very hard.

All the surrounding states have colleges on your list: North Dakota and Wyoming both have one, Nebraska has two, Iowa has three and Minnesota has six. And you can't find one school for South Dakota? I call BULL CRAP!

Both the University of South Dakota and South Dakota State University should definitely be on your list. How about Dakota State University in Madison? They're cutting-edge in the country when it comes to computer hacking and security technology. In fact, I would argue that most every school in the Rushmore State qualifies to be on your list.

So, my advice to you - before you release your 2019 'Best Value Colleges in America' list you spend a little time actually researching the state of South Dakota. I think then you'll realize you made a big omission when compiling your 2018 list.

Source: Forbes

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