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Yes, sadly thousands of Nebraska transplants like me continue to long for a taste of our homeland. The Runza. I mean there's a new one in Yankton, but that's like two hours away. And Sioux City is in Iowa, so that's not happening (unnecessary Iowa burn out of nowhere!).

Last year I made the case that the former Eastside Denny's would be a good spot for a Runza restaurant in Sioux Falls. I now expand my suggestion to include the newly available former Cherry Creek building.

What Should Replace the Eastside Cherry Creek Grill? And Why It Should It Be Runza

Gallery Credit: Ben Kuhns

14 Things South Dakotans Hate About South Dakota

If you're a west-river resident you may turn your nose up at east-river life. And east-river folks may look down their noses at their western brothers and sisters. 

But, in the end, we are all South Dakotans.

Bound by our unique place in the world. We are the mountains (kinda) and the plains, urban and rural, and often hot and cold; all at the same time. This is our weird state and we love it.

But, even though we all love our state, there is room to complain. Here is a list of 19 things that real South Dakotans say they hate about South Dakota (it's all just for fun).

Gallery Credit: Ben Kuhns

20 Way To Tell If This Winter Will Be a Harsh One

In the days before modern weather forecasting, people used any possible bit of information to get a glimpse into the future. Old tales and folklore get handed down for generations as people do whatever they can to survive another winter.

In the 70s meteorologist Dick Goddard put together a list of common weather folklore for Farmers’ Almanac that some say can predict what nature has in store for the darkest months of the year.

So, take note, do you see any of these signs that winter has it out for us?

Gallery Credit: Ben Kuhns


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