In South Dakota, we eat THE MEATS. No shocker there but which kind of meat is the favorite amongst South Dakotans? One man has found the answer and the favorites for other states in the US as well.

Jayson Lusk who wrote an article entitled Where Do People Eat The Most Meat? collected data through surveys from over 44,000 people across the US that asked which of the following would you purchase and then proceeds to list the following nine options.

  • Hamburger $ 2.00/lb
  • Beef Steak $6.50/Ib
  • Pork Chop $ 3.75/Ib
  • Deli Ham $ 2.65/Ib
  • Chicken Breast $ 3.25/Ib
  • Chicken Wing $ 1.75/ib
  • Beans and Rice $0.50/ib
  • Tomato Paste $ 2.50/Ib
  • If these were the only options, I would buy something else.

Lusk then grouped together the results into categories such as which states preferred chicken wings more than any other option for example along with which states ate the most amount of meat or the least.

But can you take a guess as to which out of the nine options South Dakotans listed they would purchase? The option that was favored by far was ground beef.

I think this says a lot about us as midwesterners and how versatile we like our ingredients to be and with ground beef, we can cook thousands of meals with it as the dish's main source of protein.

Ground beef freezes well too and can be relatively inexpensive if bought in bulk compared to other protein sources that are available at local grocery stores or butcher shops.

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