Father's Day 2022. A day set aside to tell dad how important he is to us. If we're lucky, we're not working. Furthermore, if Dad's not working, we're doubly lucky!

What makes a state a better one than others for working dads? Well, according to WalletHub it is a delicate balance between economic and social well-being, health, work-life balance, and childcare issues.

When all of the statistics were looked at and distilled down, Minnesota came up short in the work-life balance category. They came in number one in both the economic/social well-being area, as well as the child care section.

The health division was also a slam dunk for Minnesota. This area included statistics on life insurance, affordability of visits to the doctor, suicide and other mental health issues, physical activity, and the share of men in good health, as opposed to those who are not.

You can only surmise that Minnesota dads are workaholics who have yet to figure out how to balance family and work obligations. Although a newly published study by the World Population Review indicates that Minnesota has one of the best "quality of life" situations in the country!

Minnesota ranks second best quality of life in the United States. Residents enjoy the fourth longest life expectancy in the nation, with an average of 80.9 years. The state also has one of the lowest levels of poverty in the nation, with 91% of residents living above the poverty level. Food security and employment levels are also high.- -WalletHub


So even if Minnesota dads haven't quite figured out how to divide up their time between work and the rest of their world, they're doing pretty well!

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