We recently asked the question, what is farmland worth in South Dakota? Of course it varies by region and by land use.

Land in East-central is the highest in value and land in the western regions of South Dakota at the lowest. Crop land naturally higher than just agricultural land.

However, a sharp decline in crop prices has weighed in on crop land values, bringing the prices down. We turned to our friends at South Dakota State University, and looked at their Farm Real Estate Market Survey.

We see that the average price for non-irrigated cropland varied from $6,116 per-acre in the East-central to $1,187 per-acre in the Northwest region.

Non-irrigated agricultural land varies from $5,069 per-acre in the East-central region to $827 per-acre in the Southwest region.

As far as our neighboring states are concerned, we saw The Des Moines Register report farmland in Iowa as high as $6,545 an acre.

Source: iGrow.org

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