Recently I ventured into that place of legend known as Nebraska. It was a long journey that involved many adventures; like stopping at a gas station, driving for two hours and stopping at another gas station.

Anyways, when we reached the end of our trek deep in the heart of the land of the bugeaters, we checked into our hotel. As we settled in, I saw something that has long perplexed me: the hotel ice bucket.

Why is this a thing? Every time I've been in a hotel room there's been an ice bucket. Is there really such a need to chill something. Maybe something I don't know about?

I was raised in the wilds of Nebraska after all, perhaps it's some sort of civilized tradition that I don't understand like tea-time, powdered wigs, or eating dinner at a table.

I'm pretty sure I've never used that bucket, or even seen one used. No, I take that back, in movies I've seen someone put their hand in a bucket of ice after a fight. Probably because there didn't have any steaks or bags of peas handy.

I guess this is one of those thing that is destined to remain a mystery for the ages like Bigfoot; Atlantis or Mitchell, South Dakota*.

*Authors note: I have been informed by people I trust that Mitchell, South Dakota is a real place, that exists. Even though I have seen no evidence to validate their assertions I will accept their position, for now.

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