Yesterday the Reddit app on my phone randomly said a three year old AskReddit post was trending. It wasn't but, who cares? It was a fun topic on the show this morning.

What is the biggest thing people waste of money? The city of Sioux Falls blows money on sprinklers on grass in street boulevards. There's mine. Here are some of the texts we got:

--Alcohol at bars. I still buy it but it is extremely expensive compared to what you would pay yourself.


--I think REDBULL is a waste of money, I spend $5 on one redbull and I drink like 3 a day.

--Biggest waste of money.... renting an apartment. Dump thousands of dollars into a place that you'll never own.

--Paying for music. #download. Sorry not sorry.

--Something I think is a huge waste of money is spending real money for in game money in pIn phone games like clash of clans or candy crush. If my parents had to give an answer they would probably say pokemon cards, because my husband and I still buy and collect them for nostalgia.

--Most multivitamins. Bottled water.

--Fireworks are a huge waste of money.

--The boyfriend who recently broke up with me thought the gym was a waste money because he likes to work out at home.

--Flowers!!! I get so mad if my husband wastes money on them, especially for Valentine's Day, you're paying 3x as much when they are going to die in a couple days!

--Going to the grocery store buying all fruits and veggies with the highest intentions of eating clean -- face it your going to order pizza again -- they always go bad before I eat them.

--Lawn care to me is a waste of money get off the couch.

--Car payments are a waste of money!

--My wife says buying a gun is a waste but I tell her that buying shoes and cloths is a waste and that my guns will last longer than her cloths.

--Compact discs are a waste of money these days.

--Cable TV is a waste of money. You can get Netflix, Hulu and HBO subscriptions for a third the price of cable tv.

--Watering your damn lawn is a waste of money!!! $319.00 for my water bill this month later... I'm cutting my husband off with watering our stupid lawn!!

--Any of the trendy diet plans are a huge waste. Your wraps don't work and I don't want to spend $35 on tea that just makes me poo.

--Houses are considered a liability not an investment.

--Fart can exhaust systems on these old Honda cars. they just sound terrible and pointless.

You could always nitpick what someone wastes money on then say that if they had invested that $15 a day they'd be rich. This video pops that balloon pretty well, and it's funny!

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