Thrillist looked at every town in the United States with less than 60,000 people (no they probably didn't look at every town) and picked the best small town in each state to visit.

The winner in South Dakota was a fine choice in my biased opinion: Spearfish.

I would challenge anyone to pick a more beautiful small town in our state than Spearfish. Maybe another can equal, but not surpass it.

It doesn't matter if it's spring, summer, fall, or winter, or where the sun is in the sky, the Queen City is unmatched in beauty. Spearfish Creek is crystal clear.

There's plenty of stuff to do in the hills around Spearfish (camping, hiking, mountain biking), but there's also plenty to do in town. There are also a ton of great restaurants there. My favorites are Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant and Roma's Ristorante.

Spearfish City Park has the creek running by and a massive playground that kids will love. The city also converted the old Walmart into the Spearfish Rec and Aquatic Center.

Other top small towns to visit in the neighboring states:

  • Stillwater, Minnesota
  • Valentine, Nebraska
  • Decorah, Iowa
  • Grand Forks, North Dakota

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