If you are thinking it could be something like a G & T, Windsor Coke, or Crown-7, forget it. All those are pretty good but South Dakota, like every state in the U.S. in the last 18 months has been drinking more at home and relying on old favorites, and experimenting with new concoctions.

Not to be confused with The Most Searched for Cocktails in every state, that Travel & Leisure has posted, the Most Popular Cocktail in every state, according to Huffpost.com gets right down to who we really are. Kind of. And in South Dakota, it's the Screwdriver.

It didn't even make the Top Ten. Whereas Mimosa, Pina Colada, and Wine Coolers ranked at the high.

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If you are like many who indulge, it's quite possible that you prefer one cocktail over another depending on the time of year. Could be the weather plays a part in your decision. And of course the occasion.

When it comes to drinks that require several ingredients then that may sway you to fall back to that screwdriver that only calls for vodka and orange juice. Just make it a good quality of the vodka.

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