June is Pride Month so no surprise that Queer Eye is back with another new season on Netflix for me to ugly cry through. But they are happy ugly tears, if that makes sense. The new season primarily took place in Philadelphia, the city of Brotherly Love.

The Fab Five helped to makeover so many deserving people in season five. Some of my favorites were the father of the bride hoping to make his daughter's big day great, a former homeless man that now works to give back, a wife and mother who puts her family first, especially after her husband was diagnosed with ALS, and a dog groomer who just had a run of bad luck. I cried happy tears for all of them.

I also always get a bit jealous because their makeovers are so great. Can Bobby Berk please just help me pick out a couch? Eventually, that show always goes deep, I mean, when they have their one-on-one with Karamo, you know it's gonna get real.

In a time when there is so much divisiveness in the world, Queer Eye was just what I needed. A diverse group of queer men helping people of all walks of life find their happiness and look fabulous while they do it. So many feels and positive vibes.

Next up, I'm continuing my deep dive into the Black Lives Matter sections of my streaming services. At the top of the list on Hulu was a documentary called Out of Omaha. This documentary was produced by rapper J.Cole and follows twin brothers, Darcell and Darrell Trotter, over eight years in North Omaha. Omaha, obviously, is not that far away and there was a lot about the history of that city that I did not know. It definitely hit close to home figuratively and literally. By the end of the documentary, I was totally rooting for these two boys. I wanted to know more about where they are now so I found one of the brothers on Instagram. I know when watching the news, it's easy to think that the racial tensions and protests happening in other places aren't our problem, but Out of Omaha made me realize these things do happen here.

Just going down the list on Hulu, I came across a show that originally aired on Vice TV called Hate Thy Neighbor. It's hosted by British comedian Jamali Maddix. On this show, Jamali spends time with and interviews people that are all in extremist hate groups. Of course, the people in these groups don't think they are in hate groups or racists. I'm only two episodes in and he spent the first episode with the Nationalist Social Movement and the second episode with the Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge. In layman's terms, he hung out with white supremicists/Nazis and then turned around and hung out with Black Israelites/Black Supremicists. The show definitely shows you all the sides.

I have to give Jamali Maddix all the props for keeping his cool in some really awkward situations. He doesn't shy away from asking these people tough questions and he handles their answers way better than I ever would.

Two seasons are on Hulu, and if the first two episodes are any indication, I am in for some big eye opening moments. I honestly didn't even know there were so many extremist groups in this country to require two whole seasons of television! The education continues.

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