A brewery in North Dakota is doing a good thing - and not just by creating good beer. They’re also helping animals in need by putting shelter dogs on their beer cans. Fargo Brewing Company is now featuring the faces of shelter dogs on its craft beer cans, with the hopes that it helps some dogs find a forever home.

I just have 2 words for that: Great idea!

Sioux Falls has a host of good breweries and a lot of good boys available at the Sioux Falls Humane Society.

Idea generator:

Furnson Beer? (It was misspelled intentionally to use "fur")
Monk's "Dog" House of Ale Repute?
Anyone want to try a Dark Bark IPA?
LaBREWdoodle Ale?
"Barley and Me"? C'mon that's brilliant!
Let's not forget using a Growler.

Obsure, Miner Brewing, Lupulin, Remedy, Woodgrain Brewing, Obscure, Severance, Granite City are some of the breweries in Sioux Falls. Any looking for a great fall and winter promotion?

Thanks, North Dakota, for the idea. Let's hope we can get something going here and find some forever homes to some good dogs.

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