The E-word and me are not really on the same page anymore. Exercising in general for me is getting up out of my chair, walking down the hall or to another floor and back again.

For you, it may be an entire routine of stretching, jogging, aerobics or something to get your blood pumping at a good rate.

Now, let's appeal to some other areas that you warm-up for.  Better yet, prepare!

  • A Meeting with Your Boss:  Are those figures right?  Did you do your research?
  • Drinking: Better hydrate yourself if your friends are taking you out for good time.
  • Cooking: Nothing worse than a dull knife.  Don't be that guy who's wife is fuming at you holding a knife that won't slice through butter.
  • Mowing the Lawn:  Are you the kind of person who just plows through the tree branches, pine cones and dog poop without picking anything up?
  • Taking the Family Fishing: Of all the things you pack, make sure there's a roll of TP within reach!

Oh, and one more:  Be aware of your surroundings.  Are the neighbors outside watching you bend over in the garden?  And, you just realized you forgot something really important when you were getting dressed.

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