Christmas is almost upon us and you know what that means: time to Google last minute gift ideas! Not only that but people are Googling other things during the holiday season.

According to Satellite Internet, the website gathered a list of popular Christmas-related internet searches and used Google Trends to match those searches with the states googling them on December 25, 2017.

It turns out the most popular Google searches include Planet Fitness Hours, stores open on Christmas and But some of the searches on the map had me scratching my head. Like for instance the state of Texas, people there actually Googled to find out if the Grinch is real?!? And in Alaska and North Carolina, people Googled, "What is Christmas?"

As for South Dakota, most people Googled "Family Activities" so that's not that strange. Check out the entire map on what states Google on Christmas below.

Image via
Image via

Here's What Some States are Googling on Christmas:

  • Iowa: Best Christmas lights near me
  • Minnesota: Target Christmas hours
  • Nebraska: Best Christmas lights
  • North Dakota: A Christmas Story
  • South Dakota: Family activities

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