Nature is all around us in South Dakota including right here in Sioux Falls thanks to miles of bike trails and a slew of green-space areas.  Residents are also continually gardening and planting new flowers in the ground to promote a healthy environment.

Most nature lovers and experienced gardeners can identify all outdoor entities, however there are times nature can surprise us and may leave us baffled.

Most people are aware of what roses, daisies, and fresh strawberries look like.  Some even know what the seeds of these plants are supposed to look like. However, the "seeds" in this picture are certainly throwing me for a loop.

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My grandma actually found these round, flaky pods on the ground in her lawn the other day.  Then when I was running on the bike trails in Sioux Falls, I also noticed them on the ground.  So we were both curious...what the heck are these things?

The inside of these pods is similar to the end of a dandelion you blow to make a wish! I did a little research and asked the Sioux Falls community if they had any idea what these interesting seeds might be.  Here are some of the responses I received:

Adam K.- Dinosaur eggs

Britni P.- Poppy seed pods according to Google.

Sonja B.- Sycamore seed pods I think.

Megan H.- I'm not sure if this is it, but looks similar to gall wasps. 

Cyndi M.- I can't remember, but I grew up in NJ and remember crushing these a lot as a kid! lol

Lynn J.- Button Mushrooms.

I thought the "Dinosaur eggs" answer was the cutest response.  After seeing some of the feedback, I did a quick Google search of the picture.  Apparently, Google thinks that this is some sort of chocolate! This specimen is far from a sweet treat.

I'm guessing this "pod" could be a seed for a plant or the home of an insect that hatched. Specifically, this little piece of nature could have been the home of a gall wasp.

What are your thoughts?  Any and all responses would be appreciated.  My grandma and I can’t help but wonder what these interesting elements of Mother Nature are called.

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