With the Presidential Inauguration next Wednesday, states across the nation are beginning to put increased security measures in play to help protect State Capitol buildings due to the possible threat of additional protests.

The FBI has warned officials in all 50 states of the possible threat of armed protests at their state Capitol buildings next week.

Law enforcement here in South Dakota is remaining tight-lipped about their plans to help protect government buildings in the state.

Dakota News Now is reporting a larger law enforcement presence around the Capitol as state legislation kicks off in Pierre. As of now, the Department of Public Safety is not willing to say if the increased security will continue into next week as President-Elect Joe Biden takes the oath of office on (January 20).

According to Dakota News Now, the Pierre Police Department, along with the Hughes County Sheriff’s Office, plans to work closely with Capitol Security to help keep county buildings safe.

South Dakota State Representative Drew Dennert told Dakota News Now, “The security we have here at the South Dakota Capitol is really good, I’ve never personally felt threatened, and honestly, I expect to have peaceful protestors."

Dennert's sentiments are echoed by a great number of his fellow State Representatives.

Here in Sioux Falls, police tell Dakota News Now, no one has filled out any permits to hold a planned protest at this time.

Law enforcement officials across the nation are using internet chat-rooms as a resource to help identify possible threats from extremists.

If the Department of Public Safety here in South Dakota has unearthed any information pertaining to planned protest activities surrounding the State Capitol or other government buildings here in the state, they are understandably being very quiet about it at this time.

Source: Dakota News Now

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