After being closed a little over a month, due to the COVID- 19 pandemic, West Mall 7 Theaters in Sioux Falls proudly announced its reopening date, but that's not the only thing they announced.

Like most movie theaters around the country, West Mall 7 has had a difficult time navigating its way through the shutdown, limited seating, and lack of new movies coming out. But with its reopening, West Mall 7 will once again be showing new movies, and the first one is a highly anticipated blockbuster, that's been waiting nearly a year to show itself to audiences.

In a recent Facebook post, West Mall 7 made this announcement to its fans:

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We are pleased to announce that the West Mall 7 Theatre will re-open on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 31, with first-run showings of the new movie "Godzilla vs. Kong". We adjusted our re-opening date slightly to align with the release of this new first-run movie. For details and to purchase advance tickets, please visit our website at
We hope to see you back at the movies starting March 31!
-West Mall 7 Theaters via Facebook
There you have it. Not only is West Mall 7 back at the end of March, but it's back with an enormous (no pun intended) film that audiences have been eagerly anticipating for years. Godzilla, king of the monsters vs. King Kong, king of the apes.
For details on seating and ticket information visit the West Mall 7 Theater website, and have fun at the show!

Story Source: Dakota News Now

Story Source: West Mall 7 via Facebook

Story Source: Christine Manika, KXRB

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