I believe we can all agree that the long lasting partial government shutdown is ridiculously horrible. It makes our country look bad to the world and takes away our pride as a citizen of the number one nation on the planet.

I mean it's ridiculous that the people that are supposed to be running this country, appear incapable of balancing their own checkbooks. It sure gives the message that we are a divided country.

With that being the case, now things like this start showing up. A way for all of us to buy beer for people caught up in misfortune?

Among the hardest hit are the federal employees who just passed a payday without a paycheck. Well here's your chance to cheer them up! Thanks to the new website PayItFurloughed.com, you can at least send a furloughed worker a beer or two.

One beer will cost you $7.50, two for $15, or a six-pack for $45. Can I weigh in on this for a moment please? Fourty five bucks for a six-pack?

Is this a way to cheer someone up or is it a way to try and make money off the situation? I say, the best way to cheer the struggling worker up would be to send them the $45 and let them buy what they need at a fair price!

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