Astronomers are predicting the two stars will collide creating a red nova and make a new 'star' in the night sky.

The event in the constellation Cygnus was first observed several years ago. The stars are jointly known as KIC 9832227 are an eclipsing binary pair, which means as they revolve around one another. Observers saw that the stars were behaving in a similar manner to other starts that had collided. What makes this instance special is that astronomers have caught the beginning of the event and can predict when the suns will merge.

Sometime in 2021, 2022, or 2023 the the light from the 'Boom Star' explosion should be visible from earth with the naked eye. It could be brighter than the North Star for a few months.

All of this is not actually happening now, the stars collided 1,800 years ago (or about 1800 light-years away). What we will see on Earth is the light of the Boom Star finally reaching our solar system.


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