One again YouTube has proven to be one of the greatest repositories of cool stuff the world has ever known. Recently I found this video posted by, a great site about Sioux Falls' history.

This video is a digital transfer of a 16mm movie of a quick trip in downtown Sioux Falls in what looks like the mid to late 1950s. The 28 second clips takes west from the viaduct on 10th street into downtown.

Downtown Sioux Falls was a busy, bustling place at the time. Lots of traffic, buses and people walking. Judging by what looks like Christmas decorations, it looks like it was filmed on a nice South Dakota day in December.

According to Greetings From Sioux Falls, look for the Carpenter Hotel, Rock Island Depot, Clement's Studebaker Body & Truck Service, J.J. Newberry's Five and Dime and the The Cataract Hotel.

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