While Monday's 'major' concert announcement for the Denny Sanford Premier Center may have left you more than slightly underwhelmed, there is one bit of Monday concert news that should put a smile on your face.

Queen and Adam Lambert are live streaming a concert from Los Angeles, Monday night at 8pm CT on Yahoo! Screen.

The show comes three nights before Lambert, along with Queen's surviving members, Brian May and Roger Taylor, open a 24-date tour, Thursday in Chicago.

Lambert burst in the music scene back in 2009, on season eight of American Idol, and he used a Queen song, 'Bohemian Rhapsody', to audition for the show in San Francisco.

Before finishing second on Idol to Kris Allen, Lambert crossed paths with Queen on the season eight finale, performing 'We Are The Champions'.

In November of 2011, Lambert joined Queen at an MTV Europe awards show, then in June two years ago, they played their first full concert together.

Over the weekend, May told the Toronto Sun that this may be the band's final tour:

At the moment it is that feeling, yeah, ‘One last swing around, one last gallop,’ and we’ll see how it goes.

Queen teamed with former Bad Company lead singer Paul Rodgers for a series of tours between 2005 - 2009, but both Taylor and May admit that Lambert is a better fit to sing the late Freddy Mercury's material.


Paul has one of the greatest rock voices but it’s more blues and soul orientated I would have thought.  I would say, with all due respect to Paul, that Adam is more suited to a lot of our material and whereas we had great tours with Paul, I think Adam is more naturally at home with us.


I think the styles match more closely in a sense but we had a great time with Paul no doubt about it and it kind of stretched it to a new place and I think a thoroughly good experience. But Adam is really, like us, he has many, many colors, so we can explore some of those strange excursions that Queen likes to.

The 2014 Queen + Adam Lambert tour runs through September.