No matter what your opinion of MyPillow founder Mike Lindell is. A business genius? Crazy election denier?, Whatever, you'd have to admit that beyond all else, he's a pretty good sport.

If you watch the Jimmy Kimmel Live weeknights, you know that there is a lot of sparring between the two.

In the past Kimmel has had Lindell on his show and it's always pretty funny stuff. I truly believe that Lindell actually believes what he says about the 2020 election, despite all claims of any election rigging having been debunked by the courts, political experts, etc.

There has been no evidence brought forward to show that the 2020 election was rigged or stolen. These facts do not, in the least, sway Mike Lindell and he continues his quest to show America the "truth". H continues on in spite spite of being sued by the Dominion voting machine company for 1.3 billion dollars.

For the past several months, Lindell on his own program has been pleading to Kimmel to let him come back on Kimmel's show. Kimmel usually would laugh it off and Lindell would continue to try and sway Kimmel to let him come back on the show.

Finally, Jimmy Kimmel agreed to let Lindell back on his show, under one condition.  Lindell would have to do the entire interview from inside a claw machine in the Dave & Busters (it's like a Chuckie Cheese) across the street from the Jimmy Kimmel Live studio.

It took awhile for Lindell to finally agree but he did and it was hilarious. I'll mention again what a good sport Lindell was about the whole thing. Check out the video below;

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