If there ever were an Olympic Games for moose, this woman should be the play-by-play commentator. Her narration of a baby moose and mom in her backyard is an award-winner.

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Based on the video description, this happened in northern Idaho...an area that does not lack for moose. Here's the backstory of what happened according to the lady:

We have some moose who visit our home. Baby Nossi (nosey) and mom Eden frequently visit our home in North Idaho.

NOTE: make sure your sound is turned up for this one. You might thank me later.

If I were giving points for comedic moose commentary, this lady would get a gold medal. Also bonus points for NOT opening her back door and trying to pet the baby moose. Some Yellowstone visitors should take note that it is possible to see wildlife and NOT pet them.

By the way, it appears this baby moose made a return visit to the home later.

It was also wise for her to respect the fact that the big momma moose would have put a big hurt on her and her home if she had approached the baby. Good call on all sides and a sweet moment of humans and wildlife interacting in a fun way. Well done, Idaho neighbor.

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