One Des Moines concert took audience engagement to a whole new level!

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The music group Pentatonix made their way to Des Moines last week. This a cappella gained international recognition after winning the NBC singing competition show 'The Sing Off' in 2011.

Over the past decade, the pop vocal group has released several holiday albums and has thus become synonymous with the Yuletide season...

At least in my opinion...

This group performed to a crowd of 12,000 at their recent show at the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines on Thursday, December 8th. During the show, the five members of Pentatonix decided to get the audience involved.

The plan was to get the entire crowd to sing the Beatles hit 'Hey Jude' and harmonize. Watching the Grammy winners coordinate this with the crowd and then execute it was INCREDIBLY impressive.

Pentatonix split up the crowd into four groups and had each of them sing a specific part; bass, tenor, soprano, or alto/the melody. When the band cued the crowd, they were able to pull off this magical musical moment.

"This was truly one of the most magical moments we've had on stage!" the group wrote in their post.

The singing group had the entire crowd at the Wells Fargo Arena singing along with them. If you include the six members of the group, there were approximately 12,006 people harmonizing to the song that evening.

"Thank you to everyone who sang their hearts out with us!"

You can watch the full moment down below!

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