It's only a few days after the Minnesota Vikings made a comeback to beat the Buffalo Bills in OT 33-30 and many of us fans are finally feeling a normal heart rate again, maybe. It's rare to a Vikings fan to win in such fashion, with so many great comeback plays. It was a well watched game and one that many are tweeting, was the game of the season and had the catch of the season by Justin Jefferson:

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or century:  

and some are just ready for a fight:  

Regardless what you think, that great catch gave Vikings a first down and a chance at coming back to win at 4th and 18. Now a few days later, the question being asked, "is the catch Hall of Fame worthy"?

Minnesota Vikings v Buffalo Bills
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The reason it's being asked is because the official Instagram page of Pro Football Hall of Fame shared this news Wednesday, November 16...

Reading through the passionate comments of several fans, it was argued Justin Jefferson's catch isn't any better than Diggs earlier one handed catch in the game or the one handed touchdown catch Odell Beckham Jr. once made for the Buffalo Bills against the Cowboys back during his rookie year. So again, why are his gloves and sleeve already going to the Hall of Fame?

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Let me see if I can drop a little knowledge. No one is arguing that all of these catches aren't great catches, because they are. What is a fun fact, that one commenter did point out is that the Hall of Fame is a museum. This is where several pieces of pro football history gets placed, and how can anyone argue that Justin Jefferson's catch won't go down in history.

What I don't know is if OBJ's equipment after his one handed catch, did go to the HOF or not, I'd be surprised if it didn't. I do know that Diggs' cleats from his "Minneapolis Miracle" with the Minnesota Vikings are in FACT at the HOF, they just recently tweeted about it even.

There will be plenty of great plays from many great players and instead of arguing who is best or better, why not just enjoy and put some respect on any player from any team that has the talent to have their equipment displayed at anytime at the Pro Football Hall of Fame and be happy you were alive to witness any of it.

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Now, please, let Justin Jefferson have his moment to shine and do the griddy!


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