Remember being in high school or college and wanting to make as much money as you could over the summer break?

Yeah, we all did it or wanted to know how we could make enough money so we could begin to support our young selves.

As a young college kid, I had been told by my mentors and professors that you could make good money bartending and serving.

I thought this idea was silly and wasn't sure how could you make money waiting on people.

Boy was I wrong. But with the good money comes the long hours of standing on our feet and dealing with some interesting characters when alcohol is involved but hey if you could make thousands of dollars in a week, I think we could all put our complaining aside and make it through those longer shifts.

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In Sturgis, every year is the annual Sturgis Rally but with hosting the biggest motorcycle rally in the world comes all the needed help and jobs that are available to serve and entertain the Rally's patrons.

I've had friends who believe it or not carpooled across the state and then turned around after the week and had over $5,000 with them in cash tips.

That could pay for a used car, or go towards a semester of college; either way that's a lot of money for one week's worth of work.

Currently, Sturgis has job listings for servers, bartenders, and many other positions for the Rally that runs during August 6-15, 2021. All the current listings can be seen on the Sturgis Rally Website.

Just make sure if you are working in the sun with those long shifts you're wearing sunscreen and drinking plenty of water so you can stay hydrated.

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