When it comes to magic tricks, I'm not going to lie, I get extremely frustrated. Magic is cool and I'm impressed by it, but what bothers me most is that I can't ever figure out how the magician did it. I'm always left in awe, saying, 'How on Earth did you do that? You have to tell me!'

They say that a magician never reveals his tricks, and I can tell you firsthand that it's true. They don't. But If you're like me and your curiosity is just killing you, there are new classes available in Sioux Falls were you can learn to do fun tricks yourself!

Sioux Falls resident and magic extraordinare Travis Nye began practicing magic at age 15. He has been involved with it now for over 16 years, and is beginning to offer classes in the community for those eager to learn.

The target audience for his classes are kids ages 8-12, with any level of experience. Parents are also welcome to attend with their children, where they are able to learn more behind the art of magic and perhaps even pick up on a few techniques themselves.

Besides offering classes, Nye also performs stand up shows where he combines comedy with tricks. He also performs at events for private parties, schools and is a member of a touring stage show, Premonition Live.

If you would like to learn more about Nye or classes at his Academy of Magical Arts, visit: Magic of Travis Nye.

Sources: KDLT, Magic of Travis Nye

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