The old saying about not judging someone until you walk a mile in their shoes will hopefully take on a new meaning this year.

When we physically try walking a mile in someones shoes we can only receive a small glimpse of someones reality, but it will still hopefully open our eyes a little more.

November 10th through the 18th is Hunger & Homeless Awareness Week.

The St. Francis House in Sioux Falls is inviting you to participate in their "Walk A Mile In My Shoes" event.

November 10th-18th is Hunger & Homeless Awareness Week. Please consider joining us as we “Walk A Mile In My Shoes”. Fill a backpack with 15# of non- perishable items to donate to the homeless in our community. To register: text 351-3714 or email!

The people who experience homelessness are real people, with names, family, and life circumstances that brought them to this point.

I've learned over the years it's easy to lump everyone in the same categories of our minds until we get to know them and their stories.

If you can make it work come experience this event, or check out the St. Francis House Facebook page for more ways to get involved.

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