We were lucky enough to revive Veronica Mars once with a crowd-funded movie, but – like The X-Files and Twin Peaks – we must have more. Well, Marshmallows are in for some good news, as Kristen Bell herself says a new miniseries is inevitably “going to happen.”

Bear in mind that no official deals, nor plans for future Veronica Mars have yet solidified, but series star and eternal proponent Ryan Hansen seemed optimistic about the possibility in conversation with IndieWire. Hansen participated in a Facebook Live event regarding his new series, Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television, during which questions of another Veronica Mars revival prompted him to call star Kristen Bell on the spot.

Bell answered that “we are willing to put the effort in,” following firmly with “it’s going to happen,” before specifying that any return was likely to take the form of a miniseries with traditional funding. Bell remains busy with her work on The Good Place, though she and co-creator Rob Thomas continually discuss ways around it:

[Rob and I] are sort of in constant contact about when we can do it again. There’s a lot of willingness and commitment to doing it again … you can’t do two television shows at the same time. So we’d have to do like a miniseries. Rob and I email about it every couple of months or so. And personally I think, and I think Rob probably agrees, is that a) we’ll never make the fans pay for it again and b) the format works better as an episodic [series].

The movie debuted in 2014 and has inspired several follow-up novels, but until Veronica Mars comes out of retirement once more, you can see Bell and Hansen reunited in initial episodes of his new YouTube series.

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