Does your car or truck have a name? Mine didn't have one until today.

Today is National Name Your Car Day, I guess. I couldn't find a reason it exists or who came up with it, but it's a thing.

The name I gave my car was the same old lame thing I've done before. I would call it an abbreviated version of the car model name. I had a Chevy Cavalier that I called "Cavvy." Then I had a Pontiac Bonneville that I called "Bonnie." I really like both of those cars. In high school, I drove my grandpa's old Datsun King Cab pickup most of the time. Of course, its name was "Dottie."

Since stupidly trading in Bonnie for a Chevy Trailblazer, I haven't named a vehicle since. My Chevy Silverado truck was just "my truck." My Chevy Impala was just "my car." I very much like both of these vehicles. While on the air today and mentioning that it was National Name Your Car Day I randomly decided to call it "Paula" the Impala. Not creative but nothing was coming to mind. I just named it on a play on the name of the car, again. Lame.

I was googling around about car names and stumbled onto a Car Name Generator and found it to be pretty fun. First, it asks if your car is male or female. The Impala isn't a muscle car, but mine seems to be male to me. So I rolled with that, answered the rest of the questions, one of which was that its personality was sensible, and pressed the button. My Impala is now named "Ollie." Not a name I would have come up with, but it's suited for it. My car could never be an Oliver, but an Ollie totally makes sense.

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