A new downtown restaurant is starting off on the wrong foot with some Sioux Falls residents before it even opens its doors. However, the issue doesn’t relate to location, the food or anything you would expect.

It happens to be in regards to the restaurant’s bold urinal design.

PAve, which opens Friday, is a bar/restaurant that will have three floors. It’s second floor - Roxbury Avenue - emphasizes entertainment and has a music theme. It’s walls are full of rockstar murals and album covers. But the theme isn’t just exclusive to the dining room. Rock ’n’ roll lives in the restroom, as well, taking urinals to a whole new level.

We’re talking full-on mouth-shaped urinals, complete with red lips and teeth. Some might ask why on earth they were designed this way, but it is supposed to emulate the popular Rolling Stones logo.

It caught many Sioux Falls’ resident’s attention when images of the restrooms hit the web.

Two women came forward on Twitter stating that it was ‘tacky’ and ‘disgusting and unnecessary.’ When word got around that there is one accessible to children, people then asked if it was truly appropriate to subject kids to this.

PAve’s General Contractor, Aaron Hultgren, says that the lipstick-clad urinals are by no means meant to be offensive or degrading to women.

“It’s a total music theme upstairs,” he says. “I thought it was pretty clear and evident.”

Women will not have to worry though, for Hultgren was unsuccessful in finding ‘funky toilets’ for the ladies’ room. The women will have a much more traditional atmosphere in their restroom.

The Sioux Falls establishment isn’t the first to host these “johns” in their bathrooms.

“They’re all over in Europe,” Hultgren says. “In one bathroom they use them to represent Donald Trump’s mouth. They’re jokes.”

Doing something different is surely part of the goal for PAve. General Manager John Geiken says: “This will have a little more big city feel to it.”

Well, they are definitely making that happen. PAve will open downtown Sioux Falls this Friday.

Sources: Argus Leader, KELO

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