When the sun goes down tonight, get out your binoculars and look to the stars because you will see a planet that is 1.7 million miles away! The gas planet  Uranus is going to be visible to the naked eye.

This is the first time since the 1960's that the 7th planet in our solar system. According to refinery29beginners should look for the constellation Pisces, which is 60 degrees above the horizon while facing south. From there, Uranus will be the bluest point among the fainter stars in Pisces.


The article goes on to say that October 19 will be the brightest Uranus will shine all year, but it'll stay pretty visible through the end of the month, too. Not only that but on On October 21st, there will be meteor showers from debris from Haley’s comet and on On October 23rd you will be able to see Saturn at night to the left of the moon.


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