He's been a steady influence for the Sioux Falls Skyforce over the past five seasons. Don't look now but Bubu Palo is hurtling toward a career milestone which would put him on top of two all-time franchise lists.

A product of Ames, Iowa, Palo stayed in town to play college basketball at Iowa State. His professional journey began as a local tryout player who made the Texas Legends during his rookie season. At the time, the Legends thought they had a better fit at the guard spot and the two parted ways. Palo was added to the Skyforce roster from the player pool on January 20, 2015.

Since then his relentless attacking of the rim has served him well over the 140 games he has worn the Skyforce uniform. It's to the point where if the trends continue, Palo could become the all-time leader in made free throws and free throw attempts for the Skyforce.

Palo currently sits at number 2 in both categories with Skyforce great David Bailey currently at the top of both categories.

Free Throws Made
1. David Bailey 642
2. Bubu Palo 620*

Free Throws Attempted
1. David Bailey 788
2. Bubu Palo 784*

A couple of distinctions are worth mentioning as Bailey's success rate is slightly better at 81 percent compared to 78 percent for Palo. However, Palo's accomplishment will happen in fewer games as Bailey competed in more outings for Sioux Falls.

There are other categories where Palo is climbing up the ranks.

Games Played
1. David Bailey 207
2. Monty Buckley 187
3. Randy Livingston 175
4. Victor Page 157
5. Bubu Palo 146*

Minutes Played
1. David Bailey 6,626
2. Randy Livingston 6,112
3. Monty Buckley 4,973
4. Cedric Hunter 4,839
5. Henry James 4,502
6. Jason Sasser 4,475
7. Victor Page 4,433
8. Larry Drew II 4,229
9. Ralph Lewis 4,128
10. Bubu Palo 4,013*

1. Randy Livingston 1,245
2. Cedric Hunter 1,134
3. David Bailey 1,127
4. Larry Drew II 1,014
5. Darryl McDonald 701
6. Briante Weber 604*
7. DeAndre Liggins 560*
8. Bubu Palo 491*

* - Active players



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